6 ways how I measure if my tweets are good enough

It is very uncommon for me presenting daily to a room full of 1000 people. On the other hand, it really has become daily business for me with Twitter, since I have more thousand followers. And with so many people who are willing to invest a possible amount of time in your tweets, you’d better make sure your tweets are of a proper quality. Here are my six ways I use to check if my tweets are good enough.

1. Asking my followers what they think

The easiest way that I check if my tweets add any value to my audience is by asking them individually. Every now and than I receive a @reply or a DM from somebody who asking something about a specific subject or who wants to thank me. This is the best opportunity for me to ask them what they think of my tweets and if they miss certain pieces of content.

2. Favstar

A tool I use daily is Favstar. Favstar provides an overview of which of my tweets are favorited and who favorited them. I try to get one tweet favorited every day.  For me it is indication that somebody liked the particular tweet in a way he or she thought it was worth the extra action to favorite it.

3. Friend or follow

If people who I follow back, decide to unfollow me after a while, I always wonder why they decided to unfollow me. Of course it depends on who it is, however if it is somebody who I also know via another medium and who I speak with regular I sometimes drop the question why they unfollowed me.

4. Number of mentions

Besides getting favorited, I like the interaction with people who follow me and with the people I follow. I do not have a fixed numbers of mentions I would like to get on a day. However without any interaction I have the feeling that I am not adding value. I have the same thing with presentations: if there is no interaction, it is not good enough.

5. Number of followers

The number of followers does not really matter to me. However as long as it is growing in a steady pace, I am quite satisfied with it. Twitter isn’t a competitive sport on who can get the most followers, although it is nice to discover new and interesting people when they start following me.

6. Numbers of clicks on my links

For most of my links I use bit.ly and with that service I am able to track the number of clicks on my links. If certain topics don’t get so many clicks I sometimes stop tweeting about them, since my followers seem to have no interest in them.

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