No Mandate? Don’t bother with social media

Companies have the dillusion that answering complaints on social media is showing they care. It isn’t. Fixing complaints, or preventing them in the first place is a sign you care. Providing answers is just what it is: providing answers. Though is answering not a nice activity? Well not really, since if this is the sequence: […]

Robots are not taking your job

The rise of Artificial Intelligence seems to be a scary things for many people. Since the thing that robots / algorithms will take their job. However that is not the case. People have taken the jobs of robots and now need to give them back. Would you really want to do a job that can […]

The 2019 trends are not important

After the GDPR fiesta of messages in May we reached the end of the year which means that everybody who is dependent on his income advising others how they should do digital is publishing the 2019 trends on digital. Those trends are completely irrelevant. The reason for these trends is to give people, who are […]

Bad doors and bad design are everywhere.

We need more people who care so deeply about good design. Don Norman started complaining about doors over 25 years ago. Doors shouldn’t need instructions – the shape of them can guide you through just fine. So why do so many doors need instruction manuals right on the side of them? When most people complain about […]

Porsche’s Addiction Correlation

I think this very nice video from Porsche exploring the emotion behind the brand. Making a Porsche not just owning a car but providing yourself a reward. Though there is a horrible correlation / causation error in the voice over. However in the behind the scenes video it is clearly explained it is a correlation. I guess […]