It is all about what I want

Because I started today on a new assignment I had to park my car in a parking garage I did not know. Well that wasn’t too difficult, however paying to get my car out of this garage was. The only payment method that was allowed was per credit card, cash was not an option. Looking […]

Hypertext Markup Love 5

I think it was at least 10 years ago that I bought a book concerning HTML. The thing I remember most of this little book was that is contained a warning concerning the use frames in websites. Not a warning that you are probably completely clueless and you should not have a keyboard when you are […]

World domination is near

Everyone has a rather strong opinion on the monopoly Microsoft has/ had on the desktop. Microsoft is seen by some users as a bad company because of its monopoly, leaving the desktop user no other chance than using functionalities than windows Mediaplayer and Internet Explorer (due to the deep integration in the Operating System). Same goes for Microsoft’s Office suite, which doesn’t support ODF natively (it does since July 2007 via an add-in) and saves documents default in the proprietary .doc format.

Goodbye Flash, Silverlight, AIR and other plug-ins

Techniques that require a plug-in in the browser are dying. However Silverlight is not the one dying, since it was already dead just before it started (why even try to penetrate a market with a product that is not finished and with a competitor that is 4 blocks ahead). Therefore we can conclude that Flash […]

The hyper corrective browser

I just had a discussion via Twitter about the desired behavior of browsers during an endless javascript loop (e.g. while(true){alert(“test”);}). One of my friends suggested that browsers should correct this kind of code. Browsers should do this in order to prevent endless loops that crash you browser or your operating system. Horror scenario This really […]

Acid3 and 4, why even bother?

If you are in some way involved in web development you might know the Acid tests. These tests check if and how well a web browser completes a certain set of test cases. Based on this it can be concluded if a browser is compliance to certain web standards.

The HTML5 WG is dead, long live the vendor!

Pretty ugly isn’t is. Why is there a WG (with vendors like Microsoft, Mozilla, Opera etc) as the vendors decides what is best for us (from their perspective) instead of what is best for us from an independent (WG) perspective. This mindset is not what you need for a proper specification. A proper specification should be made without any restrictions or wishes a developer has and should be fully focused on what the customer (you! the user of your browser) wants. The customer is represented by the WG, the developer by the vendor.

Paper train tickets are for dinosaurs

The reason why I think there is more future in e-ticketing is because these type of tickets can be used rather easy on context aware devices. Combining your ticket and your device (your ticket on the device) can make the live of a traveler a lot easier. For example a hypothetical person called John wants to travel from location A to B and he wants to arrive around 10 o’clock at location B, his device knows that he prefers train above car transport and that it is no issue to use mixed transport means.

Should Knowledge Managers look for a new job?

According to wikipedia (the body of all knowledge ;)) Knowledge Management (KM) comprises a range of practices used in an organisation to identify, create, represent, distribute and enable adoption of insights and experiences. Such insights and experiences comprise knowledge, either embodied in individuals or embedded in organisational processes or practice. I assume that a Knowledge […]