The Nine Archetypes of Web care

With these nine archetypes you are able to identify pitfalls that can prevent you from making a change. Since if you want to move forward, you need to make a change. When falling into these common traps in, with your Web care efforts, you are just running round in circles. Instead you should be making a real, substantial and sustainable change in your way of working and way of interacting with your ecosystem.

Your Company is Killed by Meetings

Spending hours on end with a bunch of people talking about stuff, without actually doing anything and making any impact. That activity is an enterprise killer, that activity is what we know by the term of “the meeting”.

6 Social Business Trends

Before firing off some trends at you, let me explain to you why Social Business is important. Social Business is important because we are leaving the era of industrialisation in which we closely rely on technology to create large scale manufacturing solutions that consisted of mainly routine tasks. As you might have experienced yourself and what researchers have uncovered more clearly: work is becoming more non routine. Take that combined with a more equal playing field in publishing, since in the past you used to have either the money or sources to publish via a printing press or it successors, and the world has changed. What not has changed over the last few years is organizations.

Using Social Analytics and BI to be a Smarter Social Business

If you are talking about Business intelligence in most organisations, it is about organisational data, data that is a result of business processes of organisations. It is the organisation taking another look at themselves in order to, based on historic data, to predict the future and make decisions that might influence the future of the organisation positively. However as every mirror this only reflects one side of the picture of the organisation. Let me explain you how can go through this mirror, the looking glass, to get your organisation into a better world instead of being Red Queened.

Why you should be able to code if you work in Social Media

Just after I got a cable internet connection at home which allowed me be online 24/7 I learned to code. Before I really learned to code I used to maintain a website on Geocities (it was the late nineties after all) with immense animated GIFs (created with Xara3d) created with Frontpage Express. However at a moment in time it didn’t fit my needs any more, I wanted to do more. So I went to a bookstore and bought this small book. It promised me I could hand code my own website within 20 minutes. It was my first experience with building real stuff for the web and discovering how to make things really work.