Badge slave – your phone demands your attention

During my last holiday I disabled all my notification on my iOS devices, plus what was even better, we didn’t have any wi-fi during the holidays, so it became a complete disconnected holiday. Basically it showed me that being disconnected is a good thing, especially since there was not so much demand for my attention by my phone.

This holiday provided me with the insight that my phone was continuously requiring my attention, there was always a badge showing of a new tweet, a new Facebook message or another application that needed my interaction. And if no badge was showing then there was a sound for a new message a new email or something. Just like a small pet, the phone had a continuous demand of being fed. Being fed by me giving it my attention.

Now I have disabled all badges, notifications and sounds on my phone (except for the ringtone and meeting reminders) and life has become so much more relaxing with so much less attention demanding impulses. It’s something I would recommend for everybody to do, that email or tweet can wait some minutes or an hour, if it is urgent, then people will be able to find you anyways.

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By rick

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