Why most social platforms are just as bad as email

Most social media platforms are just email reinvented. It is not better than email (nor is it worse), it is just email with a fancy layout taking advantage of the top of the hype cycle. Anything marked as social could be a solution, especially when the workflow feels identical. Since if the flow feel comfortable […]

Your social media strategy: free wifi; why creating a shareable experience matters

In some cases 95% of marketing budgets are spend on getting customers into a store. When customers finally made it to the store there is often no way to tell their friends what they are experiencing or to lookup some information they needed via their mobile devices. This is not only the cases for retail stores most venues with a high entertainment value (holiday parks, amusement parks) or venues with a high hospatility level such as hotels or restaurants also don’t provide an easy way to share your experience. All these locations just simply lack connectivity such as a decent phone reception or WiFi.

Social Design – Making it a better cat and mouse game

Two weeks ago I was quite fortunate to be invited to speak at the Social by Design event which was organized by Capgemini and Microsoft. During this event I took the liberty to elaborate further on how retailers in specific could harness social design to make it a better experience. Especially since currently most retailers have customer service departments that are more loyalty prevent departments than real service departments. Also something that some retailers (or organizations) in general tend to forget that even though it has always been some kind of cat and mouse game between customer and organization, the customer is now the one who is the cat. He dictates what happens and social media provides him some additional powers in doing so and help in organizing small online revolutions.

Social Design Elements

Currently I am working on a approach to make social easy understandable as a design principle. One of the approaches I have taken for this is to split it in six design elements. Those elements are not mandatory in each social design, but at least one of them will occur in a social design: Connectivity: […]

Product designers: don’t be a gatekeeper, be just better

An easy way to keep your audience in or to grow and audience, is by being a gatekeeper. Of course that is attractive since the effort to get and keep your audience is relatively low, since people getting in is simple (there is just one way to use content: our product), getting out is really hard (since again: only your product allows access to the content).

An example of real social marketing

Marketing in itself is not social, it never has been and it never will be. Though sometimes there are activities that are a core example of social design and that could be qualified as a marketing. Dropbox is such an example. To give you a bit of background Dropbox is introducing a new photo import […]

Social Design

In 2012 I will spend some more time on explaining and writing about the concept of social design, what you can do with it and more important how you implement it. To provide you with some insights on how I see what social design is, hereby a definition: Social Design is a design strategy that […]