6 Social Business Trends

Before firing off some trends at you, let me explain to you why Social Business is important. Social Business is important because we are leaving the era of industrialisation in which we closely rely on technology to create large scale manufacturing solutions that consisted of mainly routine tasks. As you might have experienced yourself and what researchers have uncovered more clearly: work is becoming more non routine. Take that combined with a more equal playing field in publishing, since in the past you used to have either the money or sources to publish via a printing press or it successors, and the world has changed. What not has changed over the last few years is organizations.

Using Social Analytics and BI to be a Smarter Social Business

If you are talking about Business intelligence in most organisations, it is about organisational data, data that is a result of business processes of organisations. It is the organisation taking another look at themselves in order to, based on historic data, to predict the future and make decisions that might influence the future of the organisation positively. However as every mirror this only reflects one side of the picture of the organisation. Let me explain you how can go through this mirror, the looking glass, to get your organisation into a better world instead of being Red Queened.

Four Ways to Optimise Notifications for Your Social Platform

Killing email seems like a day job for some people. Especially for those people who claim that it can be replaced fully with social platforms. This is most likely due to the fact we have a very schizophrenic relation with our email. We like the ease of use of it so we can contact everybody, on the other hand we hate the ease of use, since everybody can send email. Email is a great tool in conjunction with social platforms, especially when used as BACN. Social platforms might have better means for interactions, however most people are still less used to social platform than they are to email. People are completely conditioned on checking in on email, every mobile device has by default an email app. Therefore make use of it.

Transforming Your Web Care Activities into a Money Machine

What do most companies do on social media? Replying on complaints. Reactively responding to negative messages from customers (or from people just talking about your products and services) on social media. Please don’t call this web care, it is hate care. Doing hate care is just feeding the negative side of messages, since people will notice that as soon as they complain about you, or in a slightly more positive way, have a question about your product or service, that they will get attention. Attention is the thing we all want and if you only give if to your non-promoters you end up in a process that feels like it is taking place in purgatory and is adding zero value to your business. You are just creating waste, not adding value.

Your Social Media Efforts are not Worth Doing

If you are not focusing on achieving business goals with your social media efforts it is not worth doing social media for your business at all. Do you know that 50% of the projects done in Social CRM do not provide a worthwhile return or that 57% of the companies are still struggling with even measuring ROI (let alone achieving it!). So half of the companies doing something with social media are just burning money and not earning money. That is concerning, since if you more burn than you earn, you will end up bankrupt on the long run. Let me help you to first of all identify why it could be that your social media efforts and then finish with the most important bit: how to ensure that you can make money with your Social Media efforts and to make it a sustainable component in your organisation. There are three reasons why your current efforts are not worth doing at all

Why LEGO is a Social Business

No it is not because LEGO is brilliant on Facebook or that have a very cool retweet action on Twitter. They do one thing really brilliantly: they give kids what they deserve in the way they understand. Let me show you two examples after which I will explain you how much money LEGO is saving by doing this. Yes LEGO is saving money by giving stuff away in an authentic fashion and that is why they are a Social Business. First the examples:

Yes you need a community manager, though what about a data scientist for your community?

It might be the showcase of a filter bubble, though I would say that we all agree that if you want to do anything with communities, social platforms are anything related to that, that you need a community manager. You need a community manager to make it into a success, since without a community manager luck is your biggest success factor. Though do you already have a data scientist?