Responsive Design: There is More in Life than just Screen Size to Respond to

What we learn often with Responsive Web Design that it is all about the view port. However that is just one of the many contexts to respond to. Of course we need to make sure that content is fitting the window you use to view. Though there is more in life than the piece of glass you are looking through to view the web, the app or any other media you are viewing. For the sake of simplicity let’s focus on the Web in general for the rest of this article and let me provide with an overview of contexts you could be taking into account when building your solution.

60% of the visitors of your Website are not human, now what?

Humans account for less than 40% of all web traffic. Which means that there are more robot ‘eyes’ watching your website than humans are browsing it, clicking it and touching the web interface you have created. Why bother about robots and semantic markup? Practical example: if Google (or any other search engine) cannot read your […]

Create a Zen of Flow

Even though we assume we are great multi-taskers: we aren’t. We cannot read one thing and at the same time process something else with our brains. We can do only one thing well, therefore I removed everything that was distraction so you only can do one thing: reading the article. I don’t need you to read something about me, see the latest articles or start with sharing before you finished the article. To be honest, I don’t want you to do anything else than just reading the article an experience the serenity of scrolling instead of the aggression of clicks.

API, why, how and where is the money

API is short for Application Programming Interface, it is a way to communicate with something without having to use the website or tool of the specific service. Often is about the exchange and manipulation of data (such as  most apps for twitter on iOS and Android use the Twitter API). Basically APIs are (becoming) the […]

The Next Web in 2011 and Beyond

The next web is not about semantics, it is about removing the gap between desktop and mobile and between installed software and SaaS. It is the post-OS era, people are using a device that is (nearly) always on and always connected, the OS and the browser are becoming commodities. It is the era in which […]

The only good thing you can do with e-mail

Although we predicted at the Technology Blog of Capgemini that e-mail would die this year it seems it is rather persistent. However besides overloading people with e-mails and setup a competition “Who is the person who could CC the most people”, there is one good thing you can do with it: use it with Posterous.