Cinema does not add value compared to DVD (they claim)

The UK’s biggest cinema chains are set to boycott Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, due out on 5 March, because of a dispute with Disney over the release window.

According to the Guardian last Thursday.  It is awkward behavior of some cinema chains, since they are in the experience business, not in the consumption business. Watching a movie in the cinema is an experience, watching a DVD on my couch is consumption. If cinemas are afraid to loose money due to an earlier DVD release they should not block the movie which result in an income of zero euro (or pound), they should rethink how they could add value.

Added value

If the bottom line was that people online visit cinemas to watch a movie as early as possible (cinemas) than cinemas are right, it would hurt their business. On the other hand, how many people have a real home cinema, how many people can watch 3D at home? Cinemas are an experience, it is fun to be there. The screen is bigger, the sound is better and the popcorn is of better quality.

If the cinemas could be replaced by DVDs than eventually they would be replaced by DVDs, no matter how many movies cinemas would boycot. However cinemas still offer an unique experience, so they really shouldn’t be that afraid.

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