Communities, crossing the `don’t care`-line and love your haters

Are you running a community and one of your goals is to create more engagement? That is easy, just do something your community will really hates. As soon as you do something like that, there will be small revolt at least. Angry mobs are moving around with pitchforks looking for engagement. . Engagement is an intention of marriage or an intention of war. Engagement is a process, not a goal on itself, however it could give you an indication how involved people are in your community whether they love or hate you.

Hate is a different kind of love

The worst thing that could happen is that people are crossing the don’t care line (see illustration below). Since if people don’t care anymore, they drop off. They won’t remember you and whatever you might do, they just won’t get triggered. People that love you are with you for over some time and the better you are for them, the longer they will love you. However, even your biggest fans will drop off at a certain time.

People who hate you, even though hate might be a very strong word in this case, might be even more passionate than your biggest fans. However they will have less patience and as soon as they have decided to go, they go. You won’t have a second chance with the haters, you have just one time to do it right just before they drop off and go below the don’t care line. Don’t confuse haters with people who do not care, since the reason they hate what you do, is because they love you. Even though they love you in their own particular way.

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