Convofy, it forgot the way enterprises work

As you might have read in the last few days convofy has launched for the public and techcrunch puts it in the same league as Yammer and Podio. However it isn’t in the same league and that might be the result of that Convofy didn’t think of how an enterprise internally would work. Since the biggest threat to a new service in an enterprise is not the price, nor the functionality, it is the IT department, the business prevention unit

The IT department is reluctant to any change in the IT application landscape. Their goal is to make sure everything is up and running and everything is stable and the easiest way to do that is by making sure there aren’t too much changes.

So why would this hinder Convofy? Convofy comes by default with only an Adobe Air client (which makes sense in a way since they are partially funded by Adobe) and the downside of the Adobe Air client is that you have to install Air on your computer. That is exactly where the IT department comes in, since some of these IT departments block any installation of any application (even simple plugins can be blocked).

So, if you aim at enterprises, make sure you don’t have to deal with the IT department or other business prevention units upfront. What you have to do upfront is making sure adoption of the solution isn’t an issue. Otherwise you know for sure you’ll end up first in long meetings and workshops go determine what the value could be for the organisation (and that is even the best case scenario).

Therefore focussing on (desktop)clients on any platform should be secondary for most (wannabe) enterprise services, focus on a decent (and rich) web client that can be reached easily by just using a browser and an Internet connection. That is the easiest way to bypass and business prevention unit such as the IT department.

Make sure adoption is not an issue, since if there is a decent adoption grade the reason why a change is needed is clear. It isn’t then about something new of which we don’t know what the value can be, it is then a (fully) business adopted solution that has proven value and (just) needs to be integrated in the it landscape to increase this value.

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