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f-health: the infrastructure is there, it now up to you

With the launch of the new open graph by Facebook yesterday Facebook build a foundation for many things including f-health. f-health is a bit identical to e-health, though the main differentiator is first of all that everything is part of the Facebook ecosystem and second of all that all the data you share about your health has a connection. A connection to you, your friends, your meals, your activity, your location, time and what ever meta data is meaningful.

This might sound scary, sharing your health on Facebook with your friends, or in some cases with everybody on the world. On the other hand isn’t your health worth more sharing than your Farmville updates? Isn’t it important for your friends to know how you are doing, it even could be the a peer pressure platform to helps you achieving meaningful and healthy goals.

Imagine that you are trying to lose weight, except for weighing in with something like withings’s scale and share that, you can also measure your blood pressure and share it, your cholesterol levels and maybe even better you can share your eating habits (preventing you from eating four cheese burgers in a row). Facebook made this sharing no longer an activity you have to do, they made it something that happens. You have to set it up once and after that all meaningful data or interactions with important health indicators in your body can be shared on Facebook. So you don’t have to think about sharing, you can just think about your health.

By not only sharing your status updates how you feel today, but also by sharing how you are (as in: your health metrics) you will create a very personal view on how you are doing and it will provide you with something that might help you to live a healthier lifestyle, since you probably don’t want to explain why you think that eating at a fast food restaurant is good for you, especially if you friends see that you are nearly destroying yourself since you cholesterol is increasing rapidly?

Scary? It might be. Useful? Yes. Is sharing your health metrics something you should do? Yes since it not only helps yourself enforcing you to live a healthier life, it also will help others to do the same, your health updates are likely to be more inspiring than your latest status update about Farmville.

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