How to Make Facebook’s Open Graph work for your organisation

There has been lot of interesting conversations about Facebook and how you can make it work for your organisation  however there hasn’t been too much around how you can harness the Open Graph functionality of Facebook for your organisation. Let me explain you in a few simple steps how you can harness the power of Facebook Open Graph to drive true business value.

First of all try to see Facebook not just as a collection of pages or profiles. Facebook is more than that. Facebook is an enabling platform for you to build on. Of course you can have a page. However you can do so much more. Read this article to get a view on what you can do, while you are using Facebook as a distribution platform for your content.

Why you never create just a Facebook page

 Second of all if you need to think how you will integrate your product, your service or even your organisation itself into the Open Graph. It has to provide some meaningful interactions. Read these two articles on how you can do it in general and how you could do it for healthcare in particular.

If your product doesn’t integrate with Facebook’s Open Graph it doesn’t exist

F-Health, Facebook’s Open Graph as Healthcare infrastructure

Finally you might want to read on how you can harness the information provided by the Open Graph of Facebook to create a better customer experience. Increasing the customer experience will increase in more people using your integrations with the Open Graph. Providing more people will the opportunity to get in touch with your products and services since these are shared by people they trust on a platform they already know.

Use Facebook’s Open Graph to create a brilliant customer experience