Facebook’s Timeline: the emperor’s new clothes or how it kills your brand

Facebook is introducing Timeline for Brand pages in the upcoming few weeks. Of course this is in basis about unifying the complete Facebook experience. Though I would say it is more than that. Timeline will make a killing in brands. It is the emperor’s new clothes, though instead of an emperor walking around naked we now see brands being exposed.

Since suddenly it will be clear which brands are social on top (such as lipstick on a pig) or social enabled / designed.¬†Timeline is all about telling a story that is worth sharing. Timeline is not a timeline of your latest and greatest (not!) press releases and other marketing material.¬†If you don’t have a story to share as a brand that is worth sharing you will be exposed.

Stories are things that are worth sharing, press releases aren’t, corporate communications isn’t, it is about telling great stories. Timelines will enforce this upon brands. Brands all of a sudden have to become story tellers and a lot of brands will learn that the current story they have to tell is incredibly boring. Face it: nobody will listen to a boring story not even when they have pressed the like button in the past.

You have 30 days to get your story right. Will you be able to have a good story to tell, a story worth sharing? Or will it be the emperor’s new clothes? Leaving you exposed while you are still thinking you were doing brilliant things with a like button.

By rick

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