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I like to get lost

Being lost seems to be a concept that will become history and needs some explanation within 50 years. I really like to get lost some times, especially since you can discover unexpected things in those moments that you would have never seen if you hadn’t been lost (for example a nice book store with great books, or a little restaurant serving the best pasta there is, or finding your perfect partner while asking in which direction you should travel). Google just released Latitude (in my opinion quite similar to Brightkite, Loopt, or Dodgeball that was recently shutdown by Google) which is another tool that makes it a bit more difficult to get lost while wandering around looking for places where your friends could be.

Can you still get lost in the near future?

I really wonder if you can get lost in about ten years, although I am pretty sure you cannot get lost within 50 years unless you are doing it on purpose (well what fun is in getting lost when you have to do it on purpose?). Is it still possible to just pick a direction on your holiday to wander off and to end up having no clue where you are and how you will ever come home? Or will we end up using some sort of device (or even no device at all since ubiquitous computing will became more mainstream then) to look up our location and to determine which we way we should go to get home again?

Being lost is a great is concept, either on holiday, in a library or in big pile of data. You can discover great things you would never had seen if you weren’t lost. Adopt Ron’s prediction about being delibaretely disconnected, do notĀ filter your RSS reader with postrank or any other filter for any information at all and get lost. As Thomas Edison once said: “To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.” Delibaretely disconnect, drop all your filtering and guidance tools and get lost in your data, create your pile of junk and make great inventions. If you are not prepared to make mistakes (due to all the guiding and filtering), you will never be creative.

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