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Me in 2010, there are some stats for that

Lists, predictions and statistics, it seems that is the key message of most blogs in the last few days of 2010. Therefore some statistics about the content I produced this year:


I added a total of 4862 links to my Delicious account, which is an avarage of 13.3 links per day. Each of these links I also tweeted about, however besides 4862 tweets that contained links, I did more on Twitter: I tweeted another 6694 tweets making it a total of nearly 12,000 this year, of which 23% were replies and 5% were retweets (12,000 tweets is 1,36 tweets per hour 24/7) and approximately 2000 times a tweet was favorited by somebody (thanks favstar for that!). While still busy tweeting I produced around the 3,500 messages on the Capgemini Yammer Network this year.

Some content that also was sent to Twitter was my Posterous blog. This year I managed to publish a total of 420 items on that blog, on my other blogs I managed to publish also some content. To be more precize: 32 items on this blog, 66 items on my Dutch blog,  70 items on Capping IT Off (the award winning technology blog from Capgemini), 5  items on Marketingfacts and 3 items on Ambtenaar2.0.

Pictures and locations

Thanks to the great Mobypicture Christmas card I now know I uploaded a total 92 pictures to Mobypicture which received a total of 13,943 views. I still use Foursquare (especially now they added the feature to share a picture when you check in) and I think (however in depth statistics are lacking) I checked in about 600 times this year (with the highlight of becoming the mayor of the dentist office…)

Mail and presentations

In producing other content: I received a total of 8883 mails (size 1.97 GB) and sent out a total of 5609 mails (size 2.15 GB, I know I should work on my attachment habits…). However there is more in my life than sending email, since I also did a total of 60 presentations this year (personal highlight regarding presentations was PICNIC ’10). Of those 60 presentations I uploaded 16 of them to Slideshare and those had a total of 31,480 views.

Other publications

During the last few months of this year I wrote together with one of my colleagues a point of view on Social Business Transformation, which will be published in 2011. And I appeared once in a Dutch newspaper and in a  magazine of the government with a column. I was also invited to collaborate on a paper from CustomerThink and wrote a piece on social media and operations for this paper.


In 2010 I met over a 1000 people (as in: shook hands, and sometimes even having a drink together), this resulted in a doubling of my LinkedIn connections and a doubling of my Twitter followers (although the growth of Twitter might also be the result of the nearly 5000 links I shared and were carefully selected out of over 120,000 items I read in Google Reader). However far more important than just these numbers: it was great to meet these people and to get to know them.

A good year?

For me this was an excellent year, I have met a lot of great people and with most of them I am still in touch on a daily basis. I was able to help a lot of people with social media, either by helping them (or their managers) to understand social media (better) or by helping them regarding strategy, business cases or implementations.

For 2011 I hope I can even help more people and organisations with social media, since that is  what I love to do, either by creating content (online), by presenting or by working with them directly in a project.

Just let me know if you need any help in 2011.

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