No Mandate? Don’t bother with social media

Companies have the dillusion that answering complaints on social media is showing they care. It isn’t. Fixing complaints, or preventing them in the first place is a sign you care. Providing answers is just what it is: providing answers.

Though is answering not a nice activity? Well not really, since if this is the sequence:

A: My applicator is broken

B: Yes we know. We are really sorry.

Than you answered. However was it helpful? No clearly not.

This is not to blame to the poor people answering those message on social media. The people who  iniated this “answering machine” is to blame, since people are not looking for answers, they are looking for solutions. And solutions can only be provided when the person confronted with the issue has to mandate to fix it.

A mandate to tweet doesn’t solve anything. If you decide you need to do web care, than “take care”, don’t pretend you care by not taking care.

By rick

I solve digital problems.