Open Circles – The benefit for Google+

With the arrival of Google+ we have to group all of the sudden our contacts in circles. Even worse, you have to build your network from the ground up, which to be honest is a real pain. And since Google claims to make our life easier in many ways, I don’t understand why they made things so difficult. If you think you have a solid explanation on why Google did this, you are most likely somebody who should read this.

It would be better if the concept of Open Circles was introduced in Google+. Open Circles as in: circles that are sharable with others, just like you can do with lists on Twitter. Having such a concept would create multiple benefits for Google+:

  1. Removing heavy lifting: people can create a network a lot faster. They can either adopt somebody’s else circle as their own, or copy the circle and add and remove people they want to have in that circle.
  2. Maintaining honesty: I think we have countless circles now that are named “douchebags”, “meh” or other things that are not that flattering for the people in that circle. It might give some people something to chuckle about.
  3. Eliminating spammers. you could imagine that a shared circle blocked people could adds a certain level of quality and experience for a group of people.
  4. Validating authority: if you are 100 times in a circle named “social media” it is likely you are related to that topic in one way or another. It could enforce a certain recognition for somebody’s authority on a certain topic.
  5. Providing context: similar to authority Circle names provide context about a person.
  6. Enabling discovery: by using circles curated by others it is easier to discover the golden nuggets in the networks.

It will give the people who are great in making list to share their circles with others, while others who just want to consume information or participate don’t have to do the heavy lifting.

By rick

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