We have a very schizophrenic relation with our email. We like the ease of use of it so we can contact everybody, on the other hand we hate the ease of use, since everybody can send email. Email is a great tool in conjunction with social platforms, especially when used as BACN. Social platforms might have better means for interactions, however most people are still less used to social platform than they are to email. People are completely conditioned on checking in on email, every mobile device has by default an email app. Therefore make use of it.

The difficulty of email is not abusing it. It is very attractive and easy to send for each and every notification an email. Since every email could contain a link to a social platform providing people the opportunity to click and visit the social platform.  Sending email is relatively cheap, and if there is an opportunity to send out high volumes of email with a low conversion margin, then you still can have a great return.  That business model is now what we call spam, and spamming is not the most popular activity you can do. So don’t let your BACN turn into spam and  think of the following items:

  1. Measure, it is an obvious habit especially if you have read more of my articles. Know what works, know what doesn’t works. If the email doesn’t work, get rid of it. Don’t spend time and resources on notifications that don’t work. If things work, make sure it works really well, don’t settle for minimal conversions.
  2. Know what interacts. Everything that stimulates interaction on the social platform could be worth to send out a notification for, try out notifications for different types of interactions (or lack of). Though make sure to keep the spam  gates closed. Not every interaction is appreciated in the inbox, it has to provide a certain meaning. Measure this over and over again.
  3. Diversify when you want to apply social proof into your notifications. It is not about how many friends are part of the social proof, it is about how many disconnected groups they fall in.
  4. A/B test notification emails. Not only the layout of emails and the landing pages, but also test the frequency of emails. You know when you go to far as soon as people start to change their notification settings or start unsubscribing. Better make sure you have your apology emails ready when you hit the limit.


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