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Emotional Experience Design

As consumers increasingly look to connect with companies online, lackluster Web experiences will damage many brands. But better functional design won’t solve the problem. Instead, Forrester recommends that companies master the three principles of a new approach that we call Emotional Experience Design: Address customers’ real goals, develop a coherent personality, and engage a mix of senses. Firms can get started by focusing their research on uncovering users’ emotional needs, capturing emotional feedback in testing, and charting a course to Experience-Based Differentiation.

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Emotional Experience Design Goes Beyond Functional Design

Emotional Experience Design Goes Beyond Functional Design

Or as Bruce Temkin stated: “it is time to make emotional connections online”.

Build real connections

So stop your broadcasting, and build real connections with people by solving real world problems for them. Don’t push your product to them, but solve the problem for them and if that is something that can be done with your product that is actually secondary. Even better try to anticipate what they might need, provide them with the information before they realized that they really needed it.

Be consistent in your voice on the different channels and use the same persona / personality all the way. If you decide to use persons on one channel, you have to be consistent and keep this personal way of communication all the way, also on your own platform. Keep in mind: people in general don’t trust brands or companies, people trust people.

Mix the senses

As Bruce states:, mix the senses: “most people can’t remember the content of Intel’s commercials, but they can easily imitate the Intel sound”. The web has less possibilities than the offline world (you cannot taste or smell a website or a service). However you can experience it, and sometimes even feel it. Creating a user experience that is engaging, purposeful and meaningful, via the channels and devices the user prefers, in combination with visual appealing creations and things such as audio and video can help.