‘Sorry, we don’t care about that social media thing’

‘Sorry, we don’t care about that social media thing, we have work to do’. It wouldn’t be the first time that I heard something like that as a response on what a C-level board could do with Social Media. Maybe the people at BP are thinking likewise, since it seems that they don’t have any idea that somebody is participating in the conversation about the oil disaster in the gulf.


The twitter account (@bpglobalpr) may seem to be genuine at first sight. However if you read the tweets of this account you might notice the only thing it does is trolling with tweets such as:

Thousands of people are attacked by sea creatures every year. We at BP are dedicated to bringing that number down. You’re welcome!

If we can make it so the ocean can be set on fire, doesn’t that make us like the David Copperfield of oil?

Currently about 3000 people are now following this account and there a lot of retweets with the hashtag #IWantMyBPShirt since @bpglobalpr is offering a free tshirt because, as they put it:

People are upset, so we are working nonstop to make as many “BP cares” shirts as we can. Tweet #IWantMyBPtshirt if you want a free one.

What will be the consequences?

Will this hurt BP? Yes it might be, the account seems to be genuine at first sight (good use of the BP logo, plus a credible account name). Especially the retweets could be harmfull, seems not so many people will check of @bpglobalpr is a genuine BP account, since the account name itself is very credible and since the retweet is often from a person they trust.

So should BP do something with social media? Yes they sure have some work to do on this matter.

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