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Tech Predictions 2009: Cisco will be KLM – Air France biggest challenger

Having to attend a lot of meetings can result in traveling a few hours per week to arrive at the meeting place. Especially when your colleagues are working at a different location (or even in another country) you can earn a lot of Airmiles. You can give yourself a nice present from your enormous amount of Airmiles, however I do think you prefer a less time consuming, less costly and even perhaps a greener solution.

As Cisco moves the last few years by buying Webex, Postpath, Pure Networks, Faive Across and acquiring Jabber it is clear that communication is a big thing for Cisco. Since Cisco is so thoroughly expanding its footprint on communication it is could be just a matter of time that Cisco will become the biggest challenger of the passenger transportation branch. Cisco is able to offer a platform on which you interact with each other without spending hours in airports or in your car, without spending hundreds of euros / dollars on gasoline or tickets and without increasing the CO2 exhaust more.

Save time, solve traffic congestion issues

The new way of traveling to meetings will be gaining ground in 2009: you will have your meetings at the place you prefer and the other attendees will be at the place they prefer. You’ll travel less, saving you days or even weeks of time in which you can do useful things. You’ll save money on tickets and gasoline and you can even mention that you are a greener person who is not pushing extra CO2 in the atmosphere while driving your car to another meeting. You could even be one of those who is solving the traffic congestion issues by not being on the road during peak hours.

I’ll be looking forward to my meetings in 2009, are you?

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