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One of the great things during the Next Web was the Rising Sun Startup challenge. Every start up has five minutes to pitch itself and there are quite some start ups that might even be around for the next two or three years:


Conversations are fragmented, not only on the web, but also in your inbox and on your phone. Silentale created a solution that collects all these conversations and shows them all together. You’ll have on entry point to (re)read the conversation again (even better: it is searchable!). A business model is also already in place: four dollar a month for an add free version.


Citisins does travel guides, which is not very special on first sight, however on second sight they add value. They offer fully customizable user guides containg the data that is important for you and they add the experiences of the users in your social networks. The travel guide is available via paper (on which their business model is based) or for free on your phone.


E is removing the gap between online and offline. They launched a digital business card (a replacement of the paper one) which you can use both online (via the site) and offline (via the connector). An answer on what the difference is between the Poken and my name is E, is that E is for a more grown up audience. Their business model is based on on branded connectors however they got many other opportunities to make money.


Yunoo is about your money and the way you spend it. They offer the possibility to upload your financial data and to analyze it. They even help you to change your telecom subscription for a cheaper one. It was very interesting to hear that banks in the Netherlands did not want to adopt their solution since it is not the core business of the banks (which is quite stupid, because Yunoo is a great service for its users and would have been a great ancillary service for banks).


Prezi finally finishes the Powerpoint and Keynote era. Not only because it is completely webbased (there are more presentation tools that are web based) but the  unique concept of presenting information.. Prezi is by far more visual than other presenting tool (even better: you can use your Wiimote to navigate). The best way to get to know Prezi, is to play with it, or to watch the samples. The business model is very simple: they offer a paid desktop version for offline presentations.


Mendeley says it is the for research. The connect research libraries in a social way, so it is easier to discover relevant research papers on any topic. They have a specific target audience (academics) which will enabled by Mendeley to share their research papers and connecting with like minded people.

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