2 Minutes

gray steel chain on orange surface

Every week I publish an article that takes around 2 minutes to read. It is something that I figured out by accident. There are a few reasons why I plan to keep it like this:

Everybody has 2 minutes

Nobody wakes up on Wednesday morning (since I always publish at Wednesday) that they want to spend time with what I wrote. Nor do people have half an hour of their time to read a random post on LinkedIn.

Everybody has 2 minutes during the day to quickly go through some well-intended writings. Whether it is while browsing your emails and procrastinating a little bit or somewhere standing in line going through LinkedIn on your phone.

Keep it simple

It forces me to keep it simple since I have only 4-5 paragraphs to write. Keeping it simple is good for me since it forces me to think more and articulate my ideas better. Furthermore, writing a couple of hundred words costs less than writing a complete essay of thousands of words.

It works for me

Based on my standard, the beauty of small numbers, it works. Though more critical than getting likes and views, writing and publishing regularly feel good. And I want to thank you for coming back regularly; I appreciate your feedback and kind words.