5 steps to get your CEO on social media

You have decided it is a good thing to have your CEO tweeting or blogging, however you have no idea how to make him / her. Well here is how:

1. Ask your CEO

CEOs are humans too. Just talk with your CEO about this idea. If there is no compelling reason for you CEO to take part in social media he or she won’t. So make sure you know why your CEO should do this and what the benefits are for you CEO (personally and for the company). If you cannot explain it why the CEO should do anything on social media, most likely it won’t happen.

2. Schedule time

CEOs are busy, always. However they have a calendar with all their meetings and other appointments. Make social such an event as well. Yes it is great if your CEO would be a natural change agent and would embed it in his or her personal life instantly. However change takes time and if things take time, better schedule it in the calendar of your CEO (and in your own calendar since you’ll have to help).

3. Pick the medium

You might be a great writer, though maybe your CEO isn’t, why force your CEO to blog then? Is he talker? Maybe podcasting or vodcasting are an option or a ghostwriter. When using a ghostwriter make sure that you are transparent about it.

4. Provide feedback

Did something great happen to the content your CEO has produced? Inform him or her as soon as possible. Are there any comments on the latest blog? Be sure to schedule time with your CEO to make sure that he or she answers these comments . Most important: let your CEO know why it is a good thing that he or she spending his/hers time on this by showing results. Don’t hide any negative feedback, your CEO will get to know this feedback anyways.

5. Evaluate this initiative

Time is valuable, not just for CEO it is also valuable for you. Set a time window upfront in which you give this initiative a go and evaluate afterwards. Was this experience valuable for you, the CEO and the company? Did it deliver what you thought it would? Did you reach the goals you have set? Is it time well spend? Does the CEO like to do this. Is this something you still like to do? Should you continue doing this?

Make sure you know why you want to do this and why it is good for you CEO and / or your company and make sure to book some time in your calendar to make this happen. Don’t be afraid to stop doing it if it not living up to expectations, however don’t kill it after two weeks, take at least 3 months to do this together with you CEO.