Accepting compliments

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It can be challenging for some of us to get a compliment. We might brush it off with “it is just my job”, “it is not so much”, or maybe even worse with just “ok” before we carry on with our other duties.

Giving people compliments might be easier for many than receiving compliments. While if it is not a compliment but a more generic remark about how to do your job, then we all of a sudden give it all our attention.

Accepting the gift

“Feel compliments as deeply as you feel insults.”

James Clear

It is surprising to see how much more we pay attention to insults or things we can improve than we spend on receiving a compliment. A compliment (like any feedback) is a gift. Imagine you would receive a wonderfully packaged birthday gift and brush it aside, so you can continue drinking your glass of water while having your cheese sandwich.

That would be odd, no? But you do this every time you do not recognize your compliment.

A compliment is not just about you

Compliments are just as much about you as the person giving you the praise. Therefore, take time to receive the honour, be grateful and express this. After that, you can always decide what you want to do with it; since feedback is feedback, it is up to you what you do with it.

Though first and foremost, whenever somebody compliments you, accept it and express gratitude. The person made the decision that you deserved the compliment, and the least you can do is to thank the person providing you with some recognition that it is well received.