Google Buzzkill or why I am a Luddite

You might have noticed that Google launched Buzz somewhat 12 hours ago. And since the fanboys are already cheering: I won’t be cheering, since I think it is not the best thing since sliced bread. Google tries (and fail) again to get one of the most important parts of the Internet: creating a massive social network.

Some reasons why I think Google will (again) not succeed with Buzz:

It’s noise

“Comments get sent right to your inbox so it’s easy to keep the conversation going.”

My inbox is for email, not for buzz. If I want noise, I go everywere else. However my email is just for doing things, not for noise nor for buzz.

Default opt-in network

“Automatically follow the people you email and chat with the most in Gmail.”

The people I email and chat with most, are not necessarily the people I want to have in any social network. For example: I use my mail to communicate with all of my colleagues on a regular basis, however I don’t need my colleagues in this social network, they are already in Yammer. Plus I follow some people in Google Reader since they share interesting links, however I don’t need more from than the links. The links are the things we share, we don’t need a social graph on that.

Plus I have lots of people I don’t mail, but would prefer to have in my network, and there is no easy way to get to them now, especially since I don’t have there email addresses…


Just something that is weird: why would I reply to somebody with Way to many @ into that references. is already an unique reference / mention, no need to put an @ before that email address (unless you want to resemble Twitter).

It’s not a Foursquare, Facebook nor a Friendfeed killer

Nevermind what the fanboys are cheering, but it is a different product, it has location based features, however Foursquare is by far more than just locations, it is a social game. It has the ability to create connection, Facebook has too, the big difference is that Facebook has 400 million users, and is already harvesting social and personal information for years. Google has a lot of information, but not the personal information Facebook already has. Will Google kill Friendfeed? Probably not, since Facebook already did a good job. Friendfeed and Buzz are different, both real time, both aggregators, although still very different in using it.

Why another network?

What new problem is Google solving? Why would I need a new social network? Buzz doesn’t solve any new or already existing problems