Conversation Intelligence – What are your customers talking about online

In one of my previous writings I wrote about why companies shouldn’t invest in monitoring tooling. Companies should not invest in monitoring tooling when everything they do with it, is just faking engagement. Since what normally happens is that this becomes so “customer service” oriented that people forget the true power of listening and engaging with your customers, partners, and employees.

So don’t use these tools to fake engagement, but use it as an analysis tool, a tool which helps you getting to the information that is required to provoke an unique and hopefully satisfying experience (online and offline). Monitoring tools are not just about listening to complaints. They usually can also do analysis which can be useful for variety of purposes from doing a service response to running more effective marketing campaigns. Monitoring tools like any other tool can be very useful when used correctly of course. It is afterall an intelligence tool, but what you do with gathered intelligence is what will make the difference.

Conversation intelligence

How are you going to harness this intelligence, what are you planning to do with it? Think of this before you make your decision which monitoring solution you are going to use and what intelligence you need to provide a brilliant experience to your customers. Don’t see it as just customer service based monitoring the conversations, it is conversation intelligence.

A big thanks to my colleagues Nicolas, Milind and Guarav for the conversations about this topic and for valuable content for this blog.