Do a Past Year Review instead of resolutions

As the new year unfolds, the allure of resolutions often beckons. But what if, this year, we pivot towards reflection, allowing our past to guide our future endeavours gently? Let’s delve into a subtle yet impactful practice: The Past Year Review (PYR). To help you out, I made a Notion Template for you to use to go through your PYR.

The PYR: A Mirror to Our Past Year

The PYR isn’t merely a nostalgic trip but a strategic analysis, categorizing our actions, decisions, and experiences into spectrums of positive and negative impacts. It involves:

  • Scouring Through the Calendar: Methodically going through your calendar from the past year, noting events, meetings, and activities that sparked significant emotions.
  • Identifying Emotional Peaks: Recognizing moments that sparked joy or brought challenges.
  • Analyzing Impact: Determining which experiences profoundly shaped our journey.
  • Crafting Future Paths: Using this reflection to mould our path forward, ensuring a journey enriched with more joy and learned lessons.
  • Not to-do list: Your tool for avoiding activities with negative impact in 2024.

Navigating Through the PYR

Consistency: The Silent Guardian

Identifying moments where consistency played a pivotal role can illuminate how to navigate future challenges, ensuring a steady presence amidst the storms of life. Here, a “not to do list” becomes crucial, helping us pinpoint and eliminate inconsistencies that may have hindered our progress.

The Balance of Creation and Consumption

Recognizing periods where creation outweighed consumption or vice versa can spotlight paths towards a balanced approach, ensuring informed and innovative decisions. The “not to do list” assists by identifying and avoiding overconsumption of information that doesn’t translate into creative output.

Generosity: The Echo Through Time

Spotting instances where generosity created a positive impact can highlight the power of selfless actions, echoing through every layer of our lives. The “not to do list” helps us avoid activities that might stifle our generous nature or hinder its positive impact.

Appreciation and Growth: The Seeds of a Nurturing Environment

Identifying moments of appreciation and comparison provides insights into fostering a positive culture, ensuring a supportive environment that celebrates achievements while encouraging collective growth. The “not to do list” aids in avoiding behaviours that dampen appreciation or foster a comparison-driven environment.

Make it count

The PYR isn’t merely a practice but a gentle reminder that our past experiences, both the joys and the challenges, are not mere memories but valuable lessons. It’s a practice that encourages us not just to move but to move with intention, not just to act but to act with wisdom, and not just to live but to live with reflection.

Make 2024 your best year so far.

Use the template to guide yourself through the PYR: