Don’t fight it

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When you fight something, you’re tied to it forever. As long as you’re fighting it, you are giving it power. You give it as much power as you are using to fight it.

Anthony de Mello

How much time do you spend thinking and being frustrated about events that happened to you that you cannot change? Every time you think about it, it stays with you. The longer it stays with you, the worse it might become. Even though the situation was in the past and in real life, nothing has changed. However, in your head…

Accept it

Accept situations in the past as they were. There is nothing you can change about it. What you can change is how you handle it in the future. To do so, you need to stop fighting it.

“I have accepted the things I cannot change, and I have changed the things I cannot accept”

Billie Eilish

When you start working on handling situations like this in the future, you move your energy from fighting it, which is rather reactive, to a more creative space. In this creative space, you can work on yourself and how you handle such an event in the future. You still spend energy on it. However, instead of sinking more energy in the past, you invest it in the future.

And sometimes you can only accept a situation, not change it for the future. That is fine, you now know. You can at least change your expectations, and the feeling about similar future events will also alter with different expectations.