Enterprise Collaboration: what would Super Techies do?

Suggest a modern collaboration system that supports effective internal and external engagement and is highly accessible, secure and flexible. 

That was the challenge provided by Edsel Perreira, Vice President – Information Technology at Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd, to the participants of the Capgemini Super Techie Show, the first technology-based reality game show for IT professionals. I was invited to be a part of this show as a member of the jury in this show and listen to the solutions the participants and it was a true privilege to do so.

The question Edsel Perreira raised might seem to be a generic one, however there is always a question behind the question. The real question is:

How can I use such a system within my organisation on any device while I can be compliant with all rules and regulations and while increasing productivity of my employees.

The solutions

Without going into the details of the solutions of the participants, I would suggest that you watch the show for this it will be well worth your time to view their great ideas, I would like to provide you with a list of items you should at least think of when wanting to get started with such a solution.

  1. What issue are you solving; a collaboration system is nice, however what are the use cases you are going to use it for.
  2. Where is the money; implementation will cost money, is there an ROI and if so how will you measure it.
  3.  How will you make people use it; The business case might be clear for the corporation, however how will you get the individual employee to use it.
  4. Technology; There is enough technology available, however what fits the needs of the customer and does it have a good fit with the existing application landscape
  5. Hosting; On premise, public or private cloud or a hybrid solution. Data has to be stored somewhere, given the rules and regulations in this market what is the best solution that provides both flexibility and security.
  6. When will it be implemented; Ideas are great, reality is better, how much time will it take to get it up and running.

I was impressed by the extensive knowledge of the participants and how they approached the challenge that was provided by Glenmark. Each of the teams came with their unique perspective which provided Glenmark with several different solutions they now could be able to choose from or to use a mix of the three proposed solutions. Since in my experience there is no doubt that Enterprise Collaboration Systems will provide companies such as Glenmark with a huge strategic advantage just by connecting and sharing the knowledge within the company.

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The first episode you can view right here and my views and those of Edsel Perreira directly after the show can be viewed in the videos below the first episode:

My views directly after the show

Edsel Perreira’s views directly after the show