Happy or Meaningful

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Finding meaning in life can have various benefits that go far beyond happiness. Understanding the critical differences between happiness and meaningfulness and how they relate can help you find the right balance and ensure your life is as fulfilling as possible.

What is Meaningfulness?

Meaningfulness is an intangible concept that goes beyond momentary pleasure. It involves connecting the present, the past, and the future and can involve difficult struggles and hardships. In a meaningful life, you focus on how you can contribute to others rather than what they can contribute to you.

Getting What You Want and Need

The pursuit of pleasure is a common source of happiness. We satisfy our desires with food, drinks, entertainment, and material things. But meaningfulness doesn’t come from getting what you want – it comes from pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and exploring new areas of your life.

Timeframe of Meaning and Happiness

You can’t wait until life isn’t hard anymore until you decide to be happy

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Happiness is rooted in the present moment, whereas meaningfulness requires looking to the past and the future. Happiness involves pleasure in the here and now, whereas meaningfulness consists in connecting different parts of your life and looking toward the future.

Social Life and Meaningfulness

Meaningfulness arises from relationships and connections with other people, while happiness comes from being on the receiving end of those relationships. Meaningfulness involves contributing to others, while happiness is more about what others can do for you. Struggles, problems, and worrying are often absent in the lives of happy people, while they are essential components of a meaningful life.

More fulfilling experience

Finding meaning in life can help you to create a more fulfilling, rewarding experience than just focusing on happiness alone. By understanding the differences between meaning and pleasure, you can ensure you’re getting the most out of life.