How come my Facebook page doesn’t have a million fans?

I often get this questions when I help organisations: “who doesn’t have our Facebook page a million fans ?” (number of ‘likes’ on a page). Which isn’t a weird question, since Starbucks has quite some fans (nearly 20 million at this moment), Disney is quite popular (more than 17 million) and even something like Kinder Surprise has over 2 million fans. So why wouldn’t your page have so many fans? Is it you, is it your product? Simply: you just seem to be not worth it, otherwise you had more fans.

This might be rather harsh, however it is reality, if people would have think you were worth it, they had looked you up and liked your page. However for some reason they don’t. This might be because your product or service is boring (in comparison to the three brands mentioned above).

Starbucks is not about coffee, it never has been, it is about an experience. It is about having something great in the morning, or during your break, or during your daily commute. Disney is similar, most of us (or at least the people  between 4 and 12 and therefore their parents as well)  would want to go to Disney 24/7 since it is such a great place to be, is a place with instant happiness, it is like being in a dream while awake. Did you recall you first Kinder Surprise? The excitement of opening the egg and getting to know what the surprise is? The surprise itself (as the chocolate) isn’t top notch, however combining those two makes an experience you would like to relive.

Does your product or service have such a connection with the people on Facebook? Most likely not, not so many products and services have such a deep connection. However you can start making such a connection. Think of the story your product should tell. Starbucks is ‘just’ very expensive coffee, however they make it worth more than coffee alone, Disney is ‘just’ an amusement park with a lot of actors, however they make the experience better than that and Kinder Surprise is ‘just’ some mediocre chocolate and a 2 cents toy, however the experience makes it worth so much more.

Make sure people can care about your product or service, as soon as they can care about it, they might like it.