Like culture: bringing happiness to the world?

Like, a verb that has become a noun. Liking used to be something we had to feel, nowadays it is just pressing the blue Facebook button and we liked yet another thing and more important shared this small spark of positivity with our friends. Nothing is nowadays easier than liking stuff online.

The remarkable thing of ‘liking’ (the activity of adding a like to stuff on the web), is that it is only positive, there is no negative counterpart available. Facebook did not provide the denounce button and as far as I know they are not planning to in the near and not so near future. Therefore in the world of Facebook there is only positivity, of course if you would like to you too can create an ‘I hate Justing Bieber page’, however to show other people that you hate Justin Bieber you have to like the page and as a Justin Bieber fan you cannot denounce that page.

In a (Facebook) world with only positivity, one would say that things would be better than in a world where there is also negativity. So the upcoming generation that grew up with only liking stuff, with sharing positivity with their friends, will that be a more positive generation? Will that be a generation that only will be publishing positive, or better phrased: like-able stories? Imagine what TV would look like or the newspapers if there is only like-able content in there.

Is sharing only positive things making the world a better place, or is just hiding the negative things in life, not showing them to your friends, hiding them from public life so we can create our own utopia.