Monetizing could kill your service

I used to be a frequent user of Twitterfon on my iPhone. However it seemed like the developer of Twitterfon did not like the fact that a lot of people were using this app. Why would I think something like that?  I think the developer of Twitterfon dislike the fact that many people used Twitterfon since he put a mega ad on top of its app and will be offering a paid version that is ad free. You should not degrade something to monetize it.

Ads aren’t uncool

I do not dislike ads, not at all, I use some other apps on my iPhone  that have ads in them, the big difference is, those apps had those ads all the time  and there was all the time an alternative paid version of the app available without the ads.

For the very few who might wonder: I switched to Tweetie as Twitter app on my iPhone. Tweetie is a paid app and has similar features as Twitterfon. Since I like those features and I would not mind paying for it, I decided to pay for Tweetie. I do not trust Twitterfon anymore , since the app was degraded and the features that were free were put in a paid version. If everything else is equal, I’ll always prefer to deal with someone I can trust.

Don’t break trust

People do not mind to pay for a service. They mind paying for a service they cannot trust. Do not break trust, especially since it is the most valuable thing in a market where everything else is equal.