Predicting the future

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When making predictions, always remember that the future is uncertain. No matter how much data you have or how well your models work, you can never know what will happen. Be prepared for anything that might happen, and embrace the uncertainty.

Christina Wodtke

When talking about the future, do not present it as something you know will happen—consider changing your language so that you have a certain confidence level or feel a certain likelihood of something happening.


The future is uncertain. You cannot predict the future, but you can look back and use what you have experienced and learned in the past. Past events are not a guarantee for the future.

Though what has worked for you previously might be something you could leverage again, either literally or you can use the learnings from the past to improve your decision-making for the future.

Embrace the uncertainty when thinking about the future. The more explicit you make it for yourself that you do not know what the future holds exactly, the less surprised and the more prepared you will be for any unexpected events that will happen.


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