Social adoption? Make sure your invite doesn’t work

Although you should make sure you have 0 bugs when launching an internal social platform, you might want to leave just one bug: make sure the invite has a link that doesn’t work, make sure the early adopters who get this invite are facing something that doesn’t work. Why? This way you can filter the group of early adopters in those who will promote you and those who are just curious.

By just using this very simple filtering mechanism you will know who you should invest more in to make them super promoters and you know who are less interesting, since they are just curious in the new thing, though they are not really ‘dying to’ use it. By making sure your preselected group has to go an extra mile, or mouse click, you know they are ready for promoting you. They want this platform and to be honest, they are now disappointed in you, since you have left one bug unfixed.

However if you can fix that in minutes you have instant regained trust and just upgraded your ambassadors in super ambassadors. Those are the people who will make it to a success. They would have done it anyway, also when it worked instantly, however by leaving this final bug behind, you just made your life easier. You now know that some of your selected few will be the promotors you hoped for.

Your platform should be perfect, as in 0 bugs, from the start, however it sometimes is good to introduce a bug to see if people are really involved. Positive feedback shows a bit of involvement, complaining often shows a certain passion about the topic, however if you introduce a bug and nobody will notice it, or say something about it, then they are indifferent.

If people are indifferent they don’t care, then you’ll have a big challenge to face. So use bugs to check if people still care, though be careful doing so, don’t scare people away with the bugs, just use it every now and then.