Social Design

In 2012 I will spend some more time on explaining and writing about the concept of social design, what you can do with it and more important how you implement it. To provide you with some insights on how I see what social design is, hereby a definition:

Social Design is a design strategy that encourages participation and sharing by harnessing the concept of trusted community. It is about delivering value on asynchronous reciprocity basis: the value provider will deliver more value than he’ll receive back, since social is about the receiver of value, not about the provider. Social Design helps organizations and individuals to determine what to make and do, why do it and how to transform both immediately and over the long term to make social as the core of everything they do.

Probably I will be publishing most of it here, though I might also be focusing on working some longer pieces which will be available through different channels (although most of it will be published via my blog anyways). Something else that might appear is about Dark Social Design principles, which should be a rather interesting area to explore. Especially since we see these dark design principles everyday.

Let me know what you think of Social Design

In the mean time, let me know what the things are you would like to know more about in social design, or what the issues are you have experienced during your social design process and implementation.