6 Ways to Improve your Web Care

What is the easiest way to improve the performance of your Web care activities? It isn’t buying a new tool, or redecorating the room of the Web care team, it is about doing it differently than you are doing it today. Small changes can make a big difference. Here are six ways you can improve your existing Web care and make a bigger impact on your business.

1. Get to the people who have passion

It might sounds contradictory compared to other articles on this site, though consider making Web care not a full-time job. Make it an extra task to the existing work people are already doing. By doing so you get a selection of people who really like to do this and don’t mind investing their time into it. Passion is something that cannot be faked, and will generally create one of the best customer experiences. Do not limit this extra task to a single department, Web care is not only a marketing or service only activity, somebody from R&D or operations can be also a very valuable part of this team and provides your customers with a complete different perspective though with the similar passion as other people in your organisation.

2. Fix the basics

There is no use in doing Web care if your basic customer service is poor and/or if your product is poor.  If you go out in the outside world, you better make sure that everything inside your company is working well enough since everything that doesn’t work  right will be exposed. Therefore make sure that you can be transparent about the way you are working, if you are not able to do so, there is no use in trying to fake your presence on Social Media since in the end your broken and non-transparent processes will surface and will leave you exposed and more damaged than before. Fixing the basis is very important before starting something new.

3. Being pro active solves stuff before it becomes an issue

The reactive approach is the most common way of doing Web care, however you are too late when you have to respond to a question. What you want to do is to prevent that this question even has to be asked at all, you don’t want your Web care to be just like duct tape fixing the holes of your poor services on an ad hoc basis. Use the information that is already out there and shared by users in their conversations as a strategic advantage and use it to become more pro active by providing information before the question is asked and by fixing issues before they really become an issue.

4. Make it an activity not a department

Creating a Web care department is almost an instant recipe for failure. It creates a distinction between what you already are doing in your organisation in reaching out to your customers and what the Web care department will be doing on their own. By making it an extra activity you will get more integration and consistency. Also you prevent the endless channel switching customers sometimes experience. Employee A from channel X dumps the customer to another channel with another employee just for the simple reason to meet its KPI of handling a complaint within a certain amount of time or interactions.

Integrating it as an activity in existing roles prevents the channel-switching and focuses more on the journey of the customer and solving it in the first interaction. If you can add the passion as described in the first point to it, you have a set of brilliant of employees who will do a great job for your organisation.

5. Connect to a business goal

Web care is not a stand alone activity, it is even a real thing within a company. It might be service, it might be sales, it might be marketing, however it is just a digital way of executing (parts) of your current processes. Therefore Web care shouldn’t have standalone goals, it is not about how great you are on Twitter, how much engagement you generate on Facebook or how quick you respond to questions. It is about your business and to be serious about Web care or better phrased: to be serious about Social Business, you should link it to one of more business goals. This will help you to escape the vanity metrics trap and will help you in transforming your business.

6. Stop doing Web care

Don’t think that your organisation has the monopoly to deliver Web care on your products and services. It is rather sad if your organisation seems to be the only one that is caring about your products and services. So why not mobilise your customers and make them your first line of support? It is clear that there is huge benefit if you have a customer army available that is helping you in managing your social media channels and provide answers on questions. It provides you with a highly scalable solution, since most companies will have more customers than employees.