The 2019 trends are not important

After the GDPR fiesta of messages in May we reached the end of the year which means that everybody who is dependent on his income advising others how they should do digital is publishing the 2019 trends on digital. Those trends are completely irrelevant.

The reason for these trends is to give people, who are hiring advisors, the feeling that they are moving in the completely wrong direction. Which is ironic since you had hired that advisor before to guide you the way. Another reason is that advisors prefer to have more business from you and need to find another project.

You know how many consultants it take to change a light bulb? Your current budget + 30%. 

So next time somebody comes to you with next year trends and what you need to do, just ask yourself five questions:

  1. What is the budget you have available?
  2. What is the segment you would like to target?
  3. What is your current position in the market?
  4. What are your overall objectives?
  5. Given my previous answers is this really the number 1 should be doing?

Fix your strategy first before you can jump in those trendy tactics for 2019.

And if you really want to know what is happening in 2019, then this set of predictions sums it up for marketing: