The books I liked best in Q4 2023

As we roll into another quarter (and a whole new year!), I reflect on the pages turned and the wisdom gained, and the last quarter blended inspiration, practical knowledge, and introspective journeys. Each book offered unique insights, from the relentless pursuit of sports to the art of clear thinking. Let’s dive into the four books that stood out for me.

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The Art of Cycling by Cadel Evans

Cadel Evans, a name synonymous with resilience in cycling, offers more than a memoir in “The Art of Cycling”. It’s a narrative of determination, strategy, and the sheer will to win. Evans’ journey through the peaks and valleys of professional cycling mirrors life’s challenges. Key takeaway? Perseverance is your most steadfast ally.

Clear Thinking by Shane Parrish

In “Clear Thinking”, Shane Parrish, the mastermind behind the Farnam Street blog, distils the essence of making better decisions. It’s a toolkit for thought, challenging you to question your biases and rethink your strategies. The book resonates deeply with those seeking to enhance their cognitive abilities in an increasingly complex world.

Chatter by Ethan Kross

Ethan Kross takes us deep into the power of our internal dialogue in “Chatter”. It’s a compelling exploration of how self-talk shapes our lives, emotions, and decisions. The book underscores the importance of mastering the chatter for better mental health and well-being.

Remember by Lisa Genova

“Remember” by Lisa Genova tackles the fascinating world of memory. This book is an intriguing blend of scientific insights and practical advice on harnessing our memory’s power. It reminded me that our ability to recall is not just a cognitive function but a tool that shapes our identity and experiences.


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