The ‘Go where your customers are’- myth

Social Media changed service towards customers. Not only you have to service your customer in the old conventional channels, but also many new channels in social media which are completely owned by other people than yourself. However it doesn’t mean you have to cover all channels. Don’t just go where your customers are

Expectations versus possibilities

As every company your customer service qualities and resources are limited. Either this might be just a simple result of lack of money to pay a lot of resources or your products and services requires a certain level of knowledge which is not widely spread.  And as every company your knowledge about certain customer service channels are limited.

Many of your customers are already online on several different (social media) channels. Yes they expect that you listen in there and that you will provide service. However what they also expect is a certain level and quality of service.  If you cannot provide at least an identical level and quality of service on the ‘new’ social media channel, you shouldn’t go there.

Be consistent and make a difference

Therefore what you should do, is to not go where your customers are. You should go where your customers are and where you can deliver an excellent service or experience. Just creating a Twitter account or Facebook page and deliver no or rather bad service doesn’t help your company. Make sure your service level and quality are aligned through your channels that is how you really help your customers, since then they know what to expect.