The Power of Now in Habit Formation

You could be good today. But instead you choose tomorrow.

Marcus Aurelius

Today, Not Tomorrow

Imagine if today, not tomorrow, became the day you changed everything. Marcus Aurelius challenges us with a simple truth: our best selves don’t have to wait until tomorrow. Why assume that our future selves will be better equipped for change? They won’t magically be better – but they can be if we start today.

Making It Easy for Future-You

Building a new habit? Start by simplifying the process for your future self. If it’s exercise you’re after, lay out your workout clothes the night before. Eyeing healthier eating habits? Prep your meals in advance. These small steps pave the way for more considerable changes.

Breaking Bad Habits

Conversely, breaking a bad habit means creating obstacles for your future self. Want to cut down on junk food? Keep it out of your house. Aiming for earlier bedtimes? Remove the TV from your bedroom. It’s about making the wrong choices harder to make.

Remember, It’s Still You

Before you embark on this journey, remember: your future self is still you. They’re not a stranger. You might falter, but that’s okay. You’re inherently good, so why not set yourself up for success today? If a change promises future happiness, it can bring joy immediately.

We’re all wired for instant gratification. That’s why it’s crucial to make changes that satisfy us now, not later. Don’t wait for a distant future. Act now, and relish the immediate benefits of your positive choices.