What is it that your customer is asking?

If you ever had to collect requirements you might have heard the anecdote that if your customer asks for a drill, you should not ask how big the drill should be or how strong it should be. you should ask why the customer wants to have the hole in the wall.

Yes, that is a good start. But that is only half the story. It is not about the hole in the wall nor is it about the drill. It is about what the customer is doing next. Does he want to hang a painting he just bought. Is it a shelf to put the pictures of his grand children there.

Even with that answer, you only have a very functional view of the customer requirement. What is it about the painting it should hang there, is it something she made, bought, inherited from a loved family member? The pictures of the grandchildren, are those the ones that she sees every weekend or those who live around the world?

Yes, it is about how the result makes the customer feel, not about the outcome itself. Be also curious about the process. There might be a sense of pride involved doing it herself.

If you are not interested in how your customers feel, you’re not providing customer experience. You are just providing a service.