Why Facebook isn’t a social network anymore

Facebook f8 is today and timeline was launched. Timeline is a new way to represent all the information you shared on Facebook, or actually: it isn’t. It is not just your data, your places, your pictures and your videos. It is you. Timeline is the thing that Facebook just made not a social network anymore, Facebook even move away from being a platform. Facebook is now about you, it provides you with the ultimate life recording mechanism there is.

All of the sudden Facebook has become your life, to be precise: all the pieces you decide to share and record on Facebook. Therefore it is not a social network, it is your history, it is about the things you did and with who you did these things. It will be richer than just a resume or just a scrap book since in the end it contains everything you can share with Facebook.

All the things you wouldn’t record anyways, such as your daily commute, the pod casts you are listening to, the blogs you are reading, the people you are with, the things you eat, the movies you watched (and add to all this data additional meta data such a location, time and friends who joined in the activity) can now be part of your timeline. By adding these normally unrecorded things to your timeline you provide so much detail that you revisit certain events not only by viewing a picture, but by listening to the sounds of the event, by viewing the context of it, by seeing who was there, even if you did not see them at the event. It is the nostalgia on steroids.

So Facebook isn’t a social network anymore, it is now the ultimate recording tool for the things that matter most: life.