Why manifestos or oaths won’t save the Internet

I often like the way Jeff Jarvis is thinking and how he is transforming journalism in his own way. Though I personally think that he is heading the wrong direction for saving the internet. We won’t save the Internet if we would create a manifesto or if we ask our leaders to take some kind of Hippocratic oath for the Internet. Promises and paper work only come so far, as soon as somebody doesn’t want to agree with it, it stops. Papers are burnt, oaths are forgotten en the Internet is in an imminent lock down.

Stealth Internet

So what does work? The thing that worked best for last 40 years: just creating the Internet. Independent from what governments want and think, just add enough infrastructure so everybody can be online whenever it is needed. Or in some cases create a stealth Internet. Since if there is enough distributed infrastructure, there is no government that can shut it down. Therefore  we should hope that the few (as in: world leaders) are willing to save it, though  it is about going for the mass andhis mass will contribute enough and create enough distributed infrastructure to save it for everyone.

Sysadmins to save the world

In the end it will not be world leaders that save the Internet, nor a manifesto nor an oath, it will be the sysadmins, they have the ability to execute and create the distributed infrastructure for the Internet. It will the people with the ability to execute, not the people with ideas and papers.