About Rick Mans in 3rd person

Rick Mans was born in 1979 in The Hague, The Netherlands. During his early years he started swimming, and eventually became a successful long-distance swimmer who won several national championships. Besides that, he studied Management Economics and Law with a focus on online communication and behavior, graduating in 2002.

His professional career started during his studies: he and three co-students started a web service company called eMagin in 1999, with customers such as the municipal of The Hague, several sports clubs, and small and medium enterprises. In 2007, he accepted a job at Capgemini, where he soon became the in-house social business strategist. Partly based on the company’s headquarters in Paris, he was able to work on Capgemini’s digital strategy worldwide. Besides that, he was involved in consulting assignments for many (Fortune 500) customers.

In 2016 he joined Roche Diagnostics as a Digital Marketing Director which evolved into becoming the first Product Owner Digital Customer eXperience for the EMEA-LATAM region in 2018. He leads the uptake and transformational aspect of digital marketing, the adoption of platform and skill transformation and is not only responsible for the strategy part but also tightly involved in making this into a day to day tactical and operational reality.