Don’t waste your energy on judging

judge signing on the papers

Good message, lousy packaging, friendly person, horrible person, good food, nice place, never go there again, I am so stupid, he is silly, I look stupid, this should be easy.

We are judging all the time, though why, and does it help you?

I don’t judge anybody, I start studying them, why did they do that. Not in a judging way, but to learn from them

David Goggins

How does judging others help you? It doesn’t. It might wind you up. It might give you a way to vent, though, in the end, you are still in the same place, with less energy. You can learn anything from anybody: is somebody doing horrible things? Learn to be not that kind of person. Somebody is doing something stupid but still making a lot of money? Learn what they do right to make that money, and avoid being stupid.

Spend your energy on learning and improving yourself. There is nothing gained by pointing your finger at people and judging.

You cannot look at other’s people performance to judge your performance. You have to look at yourself

Max Verstappen

Comparison is the root of all unhappiness. For example, the comparison with other people or a “future you” that you have not yet become. If you feel the need to judge yourself, look at “past you”, did you put in the work to better than who you was yesterday, last week of last year.

It is about putting in the work to improve. Consistency is the one thing that allows you to make progress since success is one thing at a time.

Find that one thing for tomorrow, work on it, and accept that putting in the effort is good enough. Do not judge whether or not you are good enough to anybody’s standards, including your own. As long you keep working, you keep on improving and as long as you keep on improving, you will get better.