Embracing the Present

“Children are our future.” We’ve all heard this phrase countless times. It’s a sentiment that’s been echoed by parents, teachers, and leaders alike. But Mo Willems, a renowned author and illustrator, challenges this notion with a simple yet profound statement: “Screw the future. We’re the present. It’s our job to be better human beings.”

The Power of the Present

In Mo Willems’ compelling perspective, the present is our stage, not just a stepping stone towards the future. This view aligns with a fundamental leadership principle: fully engaged in the ‘now’. It’s about realizing that every moment holds growth and improvement opportunities.

How often do we overlook the present’s potential, waiting for a future moment to act? Willems’ words challenge us to redefine our approach: Embrace your current role, engage with your current project, and improve your skills. In the active engagement of the present, we shape a more meaningful and impactful future.

Embracing Change and Growth

Change is a fundamental part of becoming a better human being. It’s about recognizing our shortcomings and taking proactive steps to address them. This might mean learning to manage our time more effectively, developing a more positive mindset, or improving our relationships with others.

Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a gradual process that requires patience and persistence. But by embracing change and committing to personal growth, we can become better versions of ourselves.

The Role of Mindset

Our mindset plays a crucial role in our journey to becoming better humans. A growth mindset, believing that our abilities and intelligence can be developed through dedication and hard work, can be a powerful tool in this journey.

By adopting a growth mindset, we can view challenges as opportunities for growth rather than obstacles. We can embrace failure as a learning experience rather than a setback. And most importantly, we can understand that our potential is limitless.

The Impact of Our Actions

Every action we take has an impact on the world around us. By striving to be better humans, we can create a positive ripple effect beyond our immediate surroundings.

This might mean volunteering in our local community, making more sustainable choices, or being kinder to the people we interact with daily. No matter how small, each action contributes to a better world.

The journey to becoming a better human being is continuous. It’s not about reaching a destination but about the growth and learning that happens along the way.

Embrace the present and commit to being better human beings today.

After all, the future starts now.