How to be lucky?

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Let’s talk about how to be lucky via a set of 5 quotes

There are only two things that determine how your life turns out: luck and the quality of your decisions. You have control over only one of those two things.

Annie Duke

Please do not wait till you get lucky. As Annie Duke shares in her excellent book How to Decide, the one thing you can control and improve is the quality of your decisions. You increase the chances that good things will happen to you by doing so.

What do other people say about how you can increase your chances of being lucky?

Good luck arises from putting yourself in the best position to take advantage of events. As often as not, bad luck is evidence that you are on the wrong track.

Ronald Cohen

As with many things, luck will find you when you are sweating. Put yourself in that best position. However, if you ran over and over again into a wall, perhaps consider there is no door in this wall, and you need to take a different direction. There is no requirement for good luck to appear after bad luck, so change your route if you find bad luck on your way.

In nearly any competitive endeavor, you have to be damned good before luck can be of any use to you at all.

Gary Kasparov

When does luck make a difference? Long after you have completed hard work. Long after you build your capabilities and experience. After that, luck can play a role and impact any outcome. Before that, your skill gap overshadows everything that luck could make up for you.

Work, time, and luck come with achieving a goal. Just know that if you pursue your goal with a steady drumbeat, the length between start and success will continually shrink.

Bob Bowman

It is no guarantee that luck will visit you if you work long enough and hard enough. Since then, it would not be luck but fate. As long you put in the work, and the time deliberately, luck might follow you and help you reach your goals.

What if you are somebody who says that luck does not exist? Perhaps Jean Cocteau can convince you why you should consider it is existing:

We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?

Jean Cocteau